History of the MWCA

The Minnesota Weapons Collectors Association was established in 1954 by a group of collecting enthusiasts. The intent of the organization was not only to provide an opportunity for collectors to gather for the purpose to buy, sell, and trade, but also to provide a forum for social interaction and fellowship between those interested in the hobby of arms collecting.

The first meeting back in August of 1954 was held at the Stage Coach Museum in Shakopee, Minnesota which was owned by Ozzie Klavestad. Mr. Klavestad was appointed the first President.

The founding fathers intended that the organization not only be a means of bringing collectors together to buy, sell and trade with each other, but more as an association where members meet and share the enjoyment of good fellowship with those interested in the hobby of collecting.

The Minnesota Weapons Collectors name was agreed upon due to its coverage of a broad spectrum of arms collecting, including aboriginal weapons through antique arms and edged weapons, up to modern day arms including ammunition, accessories and accoutrements. The wide diversity of interest is viewed as one of the strong points and benefits of the group.

A primary factor in the initial success of this Association was the publication of its own periodicals which caught the attention of established collectors groups and brought a number of out of state members. The MWCA has published arms collecting information since the formation of the organization. These materials can be made available by our club historian to those interested in doing research on the history of arms collecting or a particular firearm.

There were 84 charter members in 1954, mostly residents of Minnesota. Today, the membership of the MWCA stands at over 1,000, with a significant number of charter members still actively involved. There is a vast amount of arms collecting knowledge within the MWCA. Anyone, especially young persons, interested in arms collecting, is encouraged to contact MWCA members for detailed historical arms information and education.

The premier event of the MWCA is its Annual Trophy Show, which is usually held in October of each year. The Trophy Show features many fine collections set up exclusively for display, competition, and education. Members as well as participants from other states throughout the country compete for trophies and cash prizes in a wide range of categories.

The MWCA is a nonprofit organization. Proceeds go to youth groups such as the Boy Scouts, 4-H, firearms safety programs, junior shooting programs and many other worthy organizations including the National Rifle Association. We actively promote the NRA’s Eddie Eagle Program of gun safety for grade school children. Educational and resource materials for all age groups are always available at MWCA shows. The organization also includes firearms safety instructors in its membership and very strictly enforces gun safety procedures at all MWCA shows.

For more information, contact the Minnesota Weapons Collectors Association.
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